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This is the page the user sees when he/she clicks on “Programs” in the top navigation bar. Most of the time, the user will use the “Programs” pull-down and go straight to the page he/she wants, but occasionally will click on “Programs” to come here.

The main purpose of this page is to help people navigate to the following:

a) Resources

b) Events calendar

c) Media room

d) Archive of volunteers’ and chapters’ meetings

e) Newsletter archive.

Depending on which of the 5 above you decide to keep, please use this page to provide simple navigation to such surviving pages.

On the “Newsletter Archive” quadrant, please remember to change the CURE100 logo to yours.


Materials to help you participate in local programs and get started with climate action.

Meet Us, Join Us. Environmental events in and around the area.

Our Media room lists the community outreach, news articles and mentions we have received in our continuous strive for a carbon free environment.

Check out the full archive of NewChapter100!

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