Our Mission

To reduce carbon emissions in our city by 5% each year, support citywide environmental initiatives, work with local municipalities and environmental organizations to build communities that prioritize sustainability and make Peekskill a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient and just community.

Peekskill100 Leadership Team

Ingrid Wittmann, Chair

Ingrid Wittmann is a special educator, activist and mother who helps to increase awareness of local social and environmental issues. She co-founded Hudson Valley Midnight Run during the pandemic and continues to deliver food and clothing to needy NYC residents. Ingrid believes that environmental equity is a human right and advocates for those most impacted by unfair environmental practices. She is interested in creative and affordable ways to help local residents live more sustainably. Ingrid is passionate about protecting green spaces, gardening and spending as much time hiking in the woods with her dogs as possible.


John Sullivan, Vice Chair

John Sullivan is a retired psychiatric social worker. He has been involved with anti-nuclear groups since 1979- and Three-Mile Island. Most recently he works with local groups concerned about the safe closing of Indian Point. John has a lifelong love of nature. He has been involved in Solarize Peekskill Campaigns and is a Community Solar participant. He hopes that Peekskill100 will not only lead to more significant changes for himself but help others in the community make positive changes.

Tina Bongar, Executive Committee Member

In addition to helping run a special events and live entertainment company, Tina Volz-Bongar is an environmental and social justice advocate, who locally opposed the building out of the Spectra high-pressure methane gas pipeline next to Indian Point. Recently, she’s been part of the STOP HOLTEC Coalition that opposed the dumping of radioactive wastewater into the Hudson, and lobbied for legislation at the state level to stop it. She is also a Peekskill Democratic Party district leader in ED-1 which includes public housing.

Michael Bongar, Executive Committee Member

Michael Bongar is an avid hiker and nature enthusiast. He is President of the Catskill 3500 Club whose members have hiked 35 Catskill mountains over 3,500 feet, in addition to four in the wintertime. Michael has been running his own show since he graduated from Ringling Bros. Clown College as an actor, performer, and producer. His company BONGARBIZ produces unique, culturally authentic, world-class live entertainment for corporate, theatrical, film and television clients. Michael also sits on the board of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, an alternative circus in Brooklyn and Hudson, NY.

Jan Melillo, Executive Committee Member

Jan Melillo is a native New Yorker, parent, public school teacher, and activist who lives in Peekskill. She serves on the Peekskill Conservation Advisory Council as a member and the Chair of their Marie Inserra Environmental Film Series. Her environmental advocacy extends to other organizations protecting the environment. She advocates for those dealing with housing and food insecurity through the Hudson Valley Midnight Run organization, and is a trained facilitator for Darkness2Light, an organization working to end child sexual abuse. She lives by the idea, “Find someone doing something good and help them!” She loves to spend time with family and pets, and to hike, garden, swim, read, watch women’s soccer, and binge watch series on Netflix.

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